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    About ExcelBook

    ExcelBook is professional Accounting software written in Excel VBA. it is a full-scale Accounting package widely including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Job Costing, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and Fixed Asset etc.  These accounting modules are not Excel templates but add-on programs written in Excel VBA.

    This ExcelBook Accounting software is a revolutionary program.  Millions of people have been trying in vain to make an Excel-Based Accounting program, and thankfully Professor Chao leads the field and the program prevails above all other Excel Accounting applications.

    This program was originally written for educational purposes.  Professor Chao wrote each module separately for his Accounting and Excel classes.  Students greatly appreciate the program, and many of them are currently using the program for their daily Accounting work.

    Since positive feedback was significant, Professor Chao was inspired and encouraged to put the loose program segments together, re-engineering them into these practical Accounting modules.

    As promised, ExcelBook.Org provides the Basic version of this program free to Accounting Students and free-of-charge to small businesses and non-profit organizations.

    No registration will be required to download the free version, and it is safe to download.  No cache, cookies, or information will be needed from you.  (Registration is optional; registered users will benefit from personal support and receive updates quicker.)

    Now ExcelBook is ready for small businesses, for personal financial accounting needs. It does all you need for your Accounting jobs:

    -- It is free for non-profit organizations, free for Mom and Pop small businesses, free for educators, and free for accounting students.

    --  It is a real double-entry accounting program with audit trail tracking system.

    -- It prints W2 forms, 1099 forms, 941 form, and adjustable on any pre-printed computer checks; customizable invoice, POs and SOs.

    -- Produces full sets of financial statements, Income, balance sheet, cash flow and reports of sales tax, commission, sales analysis.

    -- Inventory forecasting, AR, AP reports, Amortization and depreciation schedule with options of different methods.

Module Descriptions:

General Ledger:
* Easy journal entry for adjustment, accrual, auto reversal, or recurring setups
* Pre-setup general ledger accounts and Financial Statements (you can modify them at your will)
* Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Statement of Cash Flow
* General Ledger analysis; fraud prevention/audit trail system
* Journal entry reports with dimensional options
* Integration with its subsidiaries: Journal from AP, AP, PR review and confirm before posting
* Posting Error handling

Accounts Payable:
* Current Payable Aging, Historical Aging (As of) with options by invoice date or by GL posting date
* Purchase Analysis; Vendor history analysis; Vendor ledger reconciliations
* Prints on any pre-printed computer checks.
* Check register reports for a selected vendor or for all vendors.
* Apply and/or unapply open credits to open invoices.
* Installments on open payable invoices
* Prints 1099 forms
* Journal entry posting reports

Accounts Receivable:
* Current Payable Aging, Historical Aging for a given date
* Sales Analysis; Customer history analysis; Customer ledger reconciliations
* Sales tax reports, commission reports
* Other sales reports: sales by customer, by city, by State or by zip code.
* Perpetual Inventory system and can convert to periodic system by using the unique inventory evaluation feature.
* Built-in Inventory evaluation: Weighted Average, FIFO, LIFO, Simple Average, and Moving Average.
* Apply and/or unapply open credits to open invoices.
* Journal entry posting reports

* Updated version from ExcelPayroll.Org and more powerful ever.
* Full detailed payroll register and payroll records for each employee.
* Tax withholding schedules and detailed Federal and State payroll tax reports.
* Print Payroll checks on any computer checks.
* 401K, HSA, 125Plan, Garnishment, and other withholdings
* Prints W2, W3 Forms, 941, 940 Forms
* Job costing; timecard tracking all work hours and job cost.
* Journal entry posting reports

* Maintain stock or non-stock items.
* Item sales analysis by PO, by zip code, by customer, by class or category.
* Inventory manual receipt and physical adjustment or receipt from purchase orders
* Inventory evaluation options of FIFO, LIFO, weighted average, moving average, standard cost or last cost.
* Inventory forecast and sales projections.

Purchase Order:
* Pre-loaded Purchase order form
* Re-use or copy POs.
* Purchase forecast and cash budgetary.
* PO history maintenance.

Sales Order:
* Pre-loaded sales order form
* Re-use or copy SOs.
* Sales forecast and inventory planning.
* SO history maintenance.

Fixed Asset:
* Maintaining and organizing fixed assets
* Produces monthly or yearly depreciation schedules
* Accounting methods of Straight line, double declining, Sum of Year Digits, or MACRS Accounting.
* 150% or 200% MACRS Tax method available

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Last modified: 04/19/21