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Excel Math Exercise Book ( Download Free Trial version here)

This is for K-5 elementary students to practice on their math.  It is NOT an online program NOR a program for your children to work on a computer in front of a computer.   It is a Math Exercise Book that you can print out unlimited versions of mathematic exercises for your children to practice after school to improve their math skills.

Great features of this Excel math program:

1. For K - 5 graders practice on: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, faction, and applications.
2. It contains endless questions and math applications.
3. You will never need to buy a math exercise book because a new page of exercise will come out by a simple click.
4. You can adjust the levels as the skills developed at anytime.
5. Use traditional approach. You child will work on a piece of paper instead of steering at the computer screen.
6. Step-by-step, your child's math skill can be gradually developed before you or your child can realize.

* This math exercise book can print out as many pages as you want.
* Never have to buy any other math exercise books again.
* Millions and millions of pages can be printed (you will never get a same page exercise)
* This will change a life of your child. It makes a big difference!

Please click here to see the Demo this YouTube

Answer sheet and Parental control option available

You can Set up any level to meet your child's needs.

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Last modified: 04/20/21